Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (11)

Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (11)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, we will continue on the personality color of white. Have you noticed anyone in your family or at work that lives for peace and harmony? Let’s see.

I had a client of mine who’s wife had asked him to remove his books and files he placed on their pool table. They had been there for several months. She asked him over and over again to remove the mess off the pool table. One Saturday morning, she went into their home office and asked him one more time, “please remove your stuff off the pool table.”  He said he would get to it but was busy at the moment. A minute later, she walked into his office with a stack of books, magazines, file folders, raised them over her head, and slammed them on his office floor, and walked out of his office. He was stunned, shocked as his wife was a quiet, soft-spoken white. He sat there in disbelief and stared at the mess on the floor. Five minutes later, she walked back into his office and apologized for her behavior. That’s another thing whites will do, apologize for their actions, knowing it was wrong.

As my secondary color is white, I can tell you that whites, for the most part, hate being in leadership positions. I know I don’t like being out in front and leading things. I have overcome that fear and will do it from time to time. The hang-up with whites is we fear when in any leadership position, we’ll make the wrong decisions, so we avoid having any responsibilities. For the most part, whites don’t say much, but they’re always observing those around them. Whites listen well and remember things being said. If you talk negatively about someone they know and like, they will remember what you said and not forget; whites don’t like someone talking about others. They will avoid you because you have given them a reason not to trust you.

Whites don’t take life seriously; they meander through life as casual lost souls. Getting a white to do something can be draining, it can be hard sometimes. My one friend is never in a hurry; he will frustrate others who may be in a hurry. Whites can be very forgetful too. They may forget to bring lunch to work; they may fail to pick-up a friend for a movie or errands. A big one is that they fail to return phone calls.

Next week, we will continue on the whites in the colorcode, hopefully, you’re learning something about the peacemakers in your life!

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