I Hate Confronting People, Why?

I was talking with a woman a while back who said that she hated to have any confrontation whatsoever. I can tell you most people that I talk with are in the same boat as this woman. They will avoid it, at all costs, even if it ruins a relationship. Can confrontation be a good thing? It can if you have a game plan, knowing what to say and when to hold your tongue is key. Most confrontations when done properly can settle disputes, and disagreements. Do you know when to back off when things are getting out of hand? I deal with conflict resolution coaching a great deal these days. The way things are handled at home, at the office, or with friendships are important. Many will throw away a lifetime relationship simply out of fear (they see confrontation as an end not a means of healing and fixing) most relationships can be saved and repaired. Misunderstanding are one of the biggest issues that destroy a good relationship. Sitting down and hammering out a conflict isn’t that hard. Compromise is a big component in proper confrontation. If you need help in setting up a confrontation session, contact me. For those of you who are successful at confrontation, let us know some of your secrets….