Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (15)

Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (15)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, we will discover how yellows operate and how much fun they can be to the rest of the colors in the colorcode.

Yellows are happy people because we love life. We look at the bright side of life. Most yellows wake up happy and ready for the day. I was doing a zoom class on the colorcode, when we were talking about the yellows, someone asked me a question. Mike, when you wake up are you really happy? People that know me can answer that question with a resounding yes. I love waking up, the minute my feet hit the floor, I am up and ready for the day. I get excited about the day ahead of me. I look forward to meeting people and talking with them. I love my job and how helping others brings me joy. So, yes, a healthy yellow is pretty much happy all the time. Yellows appreciate what they have in their lives and don’t care what they don’t have.

The one area you can recognize a yellow is what we are; we’re chatter boxes; we love to talk about anything and everything. We enjoy sharing our stories with others. We can strike a conversation with anyone, anywhere at any given moment. We find almost everything interesting and will want to talk about it. We are curious people and like to hear people’s stories, where they have been, exciting adventures people have taken. While yes, we are chatter boxes, we get distracted pretty easily. When you want to get a serious conversation with a yellow, it’s hard for yellows to do that; yellows don’t generally want to, can’t, or won’t. Yellows are known for interrupting others in conversations or when others are busy doing something.

Yellows can be irresponsible at times; this is the negative side of the yellows. I questioned that, as a yellow, I had to sit back and do a self-evaluation, was I really irresponsible? I guess a few times I have been, and one such time I recall when I was. My dad owned a new home construction company and real estate office to sell these new homes he built. I was a junior in high school when he wanted me to work for him during the summer. I was excited at first, and the job I had to do was hard labor. I carried shingles, bags of cement, ladders, tools, whatever his older guys needed. After all, I was the teenage mule for his construction crew. After about three weeks of working for him, I heard about a church camp that I really wanted to attend. My buddies were telling me how exciting this was, food, girls, sports, games. I told my buddies I was in and planned to go. Instead of heading to work that Friday morning, I was packed and headed to the sand dunes in Indiana without telling a soul. I never told my dad or the foreman in my dad’s company; I just went and had a good time. My dad was not pleased whatsoever with me, in fact he was terribly upset, and he fired me. So, looking back, yep, I was irresponsible. As an adult, I’d have to say, no, I follow through with what I tell people that I’m going to do. I know of other yellows as adults who are extremely irresponsible (that is an unhealthy yellow).

Some unhealthy yellows feel that it’s someone else’s responsibility to take care of them, it doesn’t matter who, as long as someone else does it. The interesting thought behind this is that yellows are so fun to be around and engaging that people cannot see their limitations. Yellows will try to sprint to the finish line with a task or responsibility and rarely make it to the finish line. They get distracted by wanting to have fun in life. Yellows don’t like the pressure of responsibilities. One of the many reasons they get sidetracked. We love adventure!

Next week, we will continue to discover how yellows add spice to all the colorcode personalities.

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