Start Your Impossibility Journey (2)

Start Your Impossibility Journey (2)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, we will continue with making your impossibilities a reality with hard work and planning!

I’ve shared with you a while back an incident that changed my life forever. We just moved from Ansbach, Germany, and went to a family reunion in Minneapolis, Minnesota shortly after moving back to the states. I was eleven years old and a shy kid. My aunt Dorthy was sitting in her lounge chair and called me over; several family members were seated around her. She asked me in front of that group, ” Mikey, what do you want to be when you grow up”? I looked at her and at those seated around her and, in a whisper, said that I wanted to be a professional football player and play for the Minnesota Vikings. She laughed out loud and said, that’s impossible, you’re too small to play football. That crushed me to the core. I walked away defeated as an eleven-year-old boy. At the time, Bud Grant, a family member, was the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

The following summer being twelve, I saw a magazine ad with Joe Weider’s picture in it and him selling weight lifting equipment in the ad. The picture showed a man with lots of muscle lifting weights. I ordered the weight set and paid for it with the money I made from cutting grass. I was excited when the weight set was delivered. I opened the box in the garage and assembled the weights, and looked at the instruction booklet that came with the weights. I started lifting all summer. Then something came over me, a thought, then a motion picture in my mind playing my aunt’s statement that I was too small to play football and her laughing about what I said about playing professional football. Honestly, that drove me to work harder in the gym to prove to her that she was wrong. It’s amazing how someones negative remark can give you the incentive to go after an impossible dream.

So, think about what I have shared so far. Now, let’s move on to you, have you ever had someone tell you that something was impossible for you to do? I’m sure many of you have? Did you give up or become determined to prove them wrong and make it happen. It’s easy to give up on dreams because someone doesn’t believe in you and lets you know that your dreams are impossible. Remember this when someone tells you, “It can’t be done.” Just remember, those are their limits, not yours! I heard this many times growing up, you can’t do it. I’d like you to list those things that you were told that it’s either impossible or you can’t do it. What does that list look like and did you prove people wrong by your determination to make it happen?

I’d like to continue on with my story. By the time I was a freshman, I was pretty strong from lifting weights in my garage. By my sophomore year, I was the strongest kid in my High school. I had all kinds of lifting records for my school, and I went to a large High School in the Chicago area. I lived in the weightroom, I spent hours there. My aunt Dorthy was in the weight room as well, mentally that is. She said I was too small, and I am going to prove her wrong. I went on to play college ball, I coached college football, and went beyond that.

Next week, we will continue how to make your impossibilities become real with hard work and determination.

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