Beware of The Rattlesnakes in Your Life (1) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Beware of the Rattlesnakes in your life! (1)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

I was at a marriage conference in Colorado Springs last weekend when I noticed a sign by the hotel entrance that said, “Beware of Rattlesnakes.” I looked around the area, and I could see where rattlesnakes could be a potential problem. Rattlesnakes had the perfect habitat; there was sandy soil, lots of places where the snakes could hide, and lots of sun. I have had a few close encounters with rattlesnakes, and honestly, they scared the daylights out of me! Out of nowhere, while walking a hiking trail, I heard the rattle of the rattlesnake that gave me the warning to stay clear, which I did.

Some people are like rattlesnakes too. A rattlesnake from a distance can cause alarm, but you’ll be on your guard. Whereas a rattlesnake hidden in the weeds or around the corner when you’re walking, can strike at you without any warning. Those are the snakes that we must be aware of in our lives, the hidden ones. The ones that catch us off guard, the ones that strike without warning. These are the people I want to warn you about.

Some people can fool you when you least expect it. I can remember hearing guys at work slam our boss (Frank), granted he was hard to get along with at times. I would watch these guys set him up and tease him about the clothes he’d wear. They’d make fun of his shoes, shirts, pants, whatever they could embarrass him about. They’d tease him about not having a car, because he walked to work. I never thought it was funny, only hurtful. Frank wasn’t overly complex; he was simple in many ways. I liked that about him, as I felt he was extremely easy to get along with. Why these other guys felt that he was a target of their attacks was beyond me. I was a teenager when working for this company, it was a summer job. Most kids in high school would simply avoid getting entangled with adults being mean to someone at work. I was pretty shy when I was in High School.

Frank would seek me out when we had a lunch break. I liked to listen to him talk about his wife and kids, he was proud of his family. He didn’t really care what the others would say about him, I just knew that they were the rattlesnakes in his life, and they liked spreading their poison. That left a lasting impression about the people I needed to avoid in life. If I hear someone gossiping, I will confront them. Gossip has destroyed friendships, businesses, families. I call this one of the main venoms we all deal with, each and every day.

Next week, we will continue with the rattlesnakes in your life and relationships. Learn how to deal with these volatile people you encounter in your families, friendships, and work.

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