I feel so much better, I told you!

I just got off the phone with a woman who has been dealing with guilt that consumed her for the past 20 years. The pain of an abortion that she has been living with day after day, month after month, and year after year, and no peace! Can you imagine that! First of all, how does one find peace for themselves? I guess so many of us carry years of guilt, that we really have no clue.

I can remember a time that I asked my mother at the tender age of 6, if she could spend some time with me to talk. She looked at me and said I don’t have any time to talk with you, go find something else to do. I can recall that conversation very well. I was deeply hurt, I never saw my parents because of the parties they attended when my dad was in the military. I carried that pain for 22 years and honestly felt no feelings towards her for a long time.

When my mom was dying from cancer 22 years later, on her death bed she asked me “do you remember the time you wanted to talk with me and I said that I didn’t have time for you”. I said yes mom I do, she then asked me to forgive her for saying that to me. Imagine how she felt all those years with carrying her own guilt about me. I think she felt better talking about it. She confessed it, and I felt better.

If you need to talk about past guilt and you want to talk to someone about confession coaching, give me a call.

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Confession Coaching, does it work?

Do you have a secret that is burning and tearing you up? Did you do something you’re not proud of and are ashamed? Want to confess it, but can’t share your secret with friends & family, because it’s so bad? You’re not alone; millions of people live with past guilt. They live in the past and cannot focus on the future, because of something they did will not allow them to move on! People who are carrying the burden of painful secrets also find confession beneficial.

Many people live with guilt from their past mistakes and need to get it off their chest. They have lived with guilt for most of their lives and want to finally put the guilt behind them but don’t know how. Confessing means you’re taking accountability for the things you’ve done wrong, that you understand the impact you’ve had on other people.

Confession is good for the soul and will help cleanse your conscience and get you back on track with your life. How would it feel to get rid of the years of guilt that you been carrying without losing your personal identity or being the laughing stock of the people who know you? I encourage you to take care of it now and start living without the guilt you’ve being carrying around. Confession has shown that it is psychologically beneficial. Sharing private thoughts and feelings that make you ashamed or depressed is a good way to let them go.

My listening skills are non-judgmental, validating, and calming. You need someone who can listen without judging you, confession can validate the hurts you have carried over the years, exposing them and eliminating the deep hurts associated with them. I can walk you through the process of dealing with the guilt that so many of you live with. A confession’s benefits occur only when it produces insight and understanding about the source or significance of the problem. This is what ends the stressful day to day obsessive thoughts and unresolved feelings.

Applicable Coaching presents a new aspect of sharing your dark hidden secrets; because the secrets we hold within, often represent critical aspects of our ourselves and our life situations. Many of us cannot share these secrets with friends and family because they are either too sensitive or embarrassing to share and talk about.

I will keep your confessions anonymous and in confidence while helping you through the process of forgiving yourself and other’s in your life. Many have contacted Applicable Coaching just to be free of the guilt they are living with, to be rid of it once and for all. Many people deal with lust, affairs, cheating in business, stealing, cheating on your partner, lying, drugs, bad thoughts, etc. “The only way you can deal with it is to confront it head on” Brooks says. This might be the first time some of these people are opening up about not just secrets in their life, but things they have felt embarrassed and ashamed about for many years.

While talking with a Confession Coach on the other end of the phone can actually help you talk through your issues and relieve of years of guilt you think about each day. How much of the guilt you carry can be attributed to your depression, anxieties, illnesses, and you not being able to forgive yourself or others. Confession is great for the soul. How bad do you want to be free from having the albatross of guilt hanging around your neck? How long have you been struggling with your guilt, how many nights have you laid awake thinking about your unforgivable action towards that friend or family member? There is no reason to lie awake at night and dwell on your past actions. We can talk about it and get you to move on with your life.

Here is how Confession Counseling works, when we talk by phone, I don’t want to know your last name, just a first name, and you can use any name you want. Then you can share what’s heavy on your heart and I will listen, I will ask not ask questions, will not interrupt, and you do all the talking. Or I can give you some ideas on how to deal with the guilt you have and get on with your life. It’s pretty simple how this works. If you want information contact ApplicableCoaching.com

You can contact Applicable Coaching by going to contact Mike link or call 303.456.0555 to set up a phone appointment today. The next step is up to you! Call today.