Who do you need to thank?

Who do you need to thank?
I was pondering early this morning the people who have impacted me the most during my lifetime. I tried to remember aunts and uncles, grandparents; I went through a long list of people in my life. My dad was a great example of being a strong leader in the family.  He was a colonel in the army lived by rules and by following them. My grandparents were all good people. But I never got to know them, because of all of our moving around the world. Aunts and uncles were an extension of our family, but again because of all the moving we did, I didn’t get to know them that well.

So, my list widened by the people that I knew from my own created experiences. My first on the list would have to be my high school football coach Rod Hanson from Rich East high school in Park Forest, Illinois. He was a good man, was a quiet kind of man, and a guidance counselor at my high school. I remember that the other kids would make fun of him behind his back as we walked out to the practice field during summer camp. Rod was an all American football player from the University Of Illinois. He knew football and was a great coach. The reason the others made fun of him: he didn’t swear, or tell bad jokes, or look foolish in front of the players. One day I decided to go to his office and ask him why he was so different from everyone else. I asked and he told my why. His answer changed my life forever. I liked the way he treated his family, how he was involved in the community, and was the constant encourager. So, he made a big difference in my life.

My second influence was my best friend George; we grew up together in Park Forest, went to the same high school and church. George is a great friend and always there when I needed him. We have been in many battles together, some tough ones and others looking out for each other. He always knows when it’s best to say something or let it slide. His quest for being fair and non-judgmental has always inspired me. I know many who will look for a fight of any kind just to keep up their sparring skills, way too many folks like fighting.

The third influence in my life is my pastor and great friend (Greg Blake), I have seen mercy shown to everyone by this man. He gives it without blinking an eye. I have seen Greg laugh when no one else dare to say a word. He uses his humor to help the broken hearted, the weak, a rare breed of a man. His sermons are home runs; they speak to everyone sitting in the pews. They are healing sermons, comforting sermons, encouraging sermons. People will walk away with knowing they are loved no matter what they have done. Greg is a pastor who walks the walk and talks the talk. A man after Gods own heart!

The last one in this list is my older brother Bob, he is always upbeat and never gives up, and he will stay the course. You can call him, and he is telling you, never give up, stay in the game. Over the years Bob and I have had many things happen in our lives that would break most people. The loss of our parents, last year our younger sister passed away from cancer. It’s nice to know that he is always there and just a phone call away.

So, who do you have to be thankful for in your life? Notice that I have picked those living and someone I can write or call. That will be your assignment for this week. Make a list of those who you need to thank for making your life special. I would write them or call them, let them know how they made a difference in your life. Be detailed and hold nothing back. How many people have passed away without us telling them how much we loved them or how they changed our lives. I have regrets and many of them without sharing a word of how they impacted my life. Do you have someone that would benefit from your kind words?

I would start by making your list of those who you want to write, or call. This list can be as long as you like it to be. List the persons name and then list why they were special to you. When you contact them, let them know. The response from your call or letter will be amazing; you will bring joy and delight to someone who may just need to hear what you have to say to them. Have you received a good call or encouraging letter unexpectedly, how did you feel when you read it? I bet it made your day, week or month. Did you ever throw that letter away? I bet you didn’t and you still have it in your desk or in a file. I save all of mine and will look at them from time to time when I am having a bad day.

So, let’s start by making that list, send the letter or make that call, and let me know what happens. You can change lives with very little effort on your part. Keep me posted on the blog, and let’s see what how we can change lives together.

If you have asked yourself any of these questions “Who do I need to thank?”, you can contact Dr. Mike for help in setting up a list to tell people you appreciate them and want to thank them.

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