When Women Say They Want A Divorce (1) By Dr. Michael Brooks

When Women Say They Want A Divorce (1)

Janice sat across from me in my office in tears. I want a divorce she said, I can’t stand my husband. He doesn’t do anything to make me feel loved or appreciated. We have a roommate marriage and that’s all. And you know what else Dr. Mike he doesn’t buy me gifts, doesn’t hold my hand. He will not even look at me! I don’t know what else to do, this has been going on for two years! I’m done, I’m just done and want my marriage over with.

Another client shared that she was heartbroken about her marriage. Her husband spent hours away on his personal trips. He would leave her alone for days at a time. Claiming he needed alone time while baking in the sun and enjoying the hot springs in Colorado. She walked on egg shells while he was at home. She was the bread winner while he spent money frivolously. She admitted that there was no communication whatsoever. She tried to be a part of his life and he felt no need to include her. “What else can I do. I have given it my all,” she said! “I am filing for a divorce.”

Chris said she asked to have a sit down talk with her husband and talk about ways to improve their marriage which was in crisis. Chris said her husband looked at her and said that he was going to watch his football game and after that was going to play pool with some of his friends. Her husband asked if they could they talk tomorrow? She responded by saying “no, they needed to talk NOW!” Sorry honey but I made these plans last week with my friends. He gave her a peck on the cheek and headed out the door. She went to her night stand and got the paper work to file for divorce and laid on her bed as she wept while filling it out.

I hear these kind of stories from a great deal of women I counsel and coach with. Men you better pay attention when your wife says she is thinking about or wants a divorce. I’m telling you she has thought about divorcing you for some time. Most women just don’t wake up one morning and decide “hey, I am going to get a divorce.” There are many reasons that will drive women to start contemplating and filing for a divorce. And most likely it’s about men in their lives.

Over the next several weeks we will be going over the reasons why women file for divorce and how men can help prevent a divorce if they are willing to fight hard to save their marriages. So it’s up to guys to start doing the right things.

Do you feel that your husband doesn’t care about your marriage and you want out? Are you constantly asking your husband to sit down and talk with you and he shows no interest? Do you want a divorce but want to give him one more chance? Is divorce your best option and you’re needing help in your next steps? Are you a husband whose been told “I want a divorce” and you want to save your marriage? Do you and your wife want to give it one more try and need help working on your marriage? If you answered yes to any of these questions contact Dr. Mike he can help you sort things out.

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