When will the guilt of having an affair stop? it’s killing me!

I received another call yesterday from someone who is still living with past guilt about an affair that happened years ago. Is it worth it to keep beating yourself up, I asked? My wife has no clue what I did, and I have no peace whatsoever! What am I going to do, he asked?

So, we talked for a few hours, and had him deal with unresolved issues that have been eating him up. First of all admit that you have caused a problem and own up to it, Blaming others will only cause more pain and prolong the guilt process. There are ways of confessing the pain with the people you have hurt. If you need help in getting this issue resolved, contact me.

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It won’t just go away by itself. Let me help you resolve one of the most painful times in your life, so you can start moving forward again. Make that your first step right now.