What’s your Worst Day Ever? (Part 2)

OK, so here is my number two worst mistake of my life. Folks I want you to know that I am human just like the rest of you. We all have struggles and go tough times. Each one of us if time permitted could sit and share some pretty bad experiences, and how we lived through them.

My number two begins on a Friday afternoon, I had just got back from taping a fishing show that I was hosting. It was a hot August afternoon, and I wanted to get something to eat, so I asked my wife if she would like to go to Red Robin restaurant for a late lunch. She agreed and we went and had lunch, we talked and had a great time. I was getting tired from being in the sun all morning and wanted to take a shower, so I asked if she would mind if we left. Can we please talk some more she asked? OK, what would you like to talk about I responded. Well, I would like to talk about buying a house and would like some of your thoughts on it. Now, keep in mind that we had been looking at houses for several months. As we talked, I listened to her needs in a house and what we could afford. This went on for some time, then as she finished up, I said are you ready to go home, I really need a shower. As we walked out of Red Robin, she asked if we could go a different route home to drive by some homes she wanted to see. I said sure, lets go!

I was asked to go down certain streets with no for sale signs at all, I looked down streets left and right, and would see a for sale sign way off in the distance, I would turn down that road, and she would get out of the car and grab a brochure giving information about the house. This went on for about 45 minutes and finally I said, we are going home, that I was needing a shower and to get some rest! She didn’t seem to happy about that!

As I drove home, and we turned down our street, my wife became very uncomfortable and uneasy, the closer I got home the more nervous she became. When I was within a 100 yards of our driveway, I saw several pick-up trucks backed up to our house, with people running out of the house with boxes and furniture and putting them into the bed of pick-up trucks. As I pulled into our driveway, she turned towards me and said “we have to talk”, I was in shock, seeing our belongings being taken out of our home. I was outraged beyond belief, I opened my mouth and nothing came out, I was speechless for the first time in years!

Can you imagine what was going through my mind? My life flashed before my eyes. I turned to my wife with tears rolling down my face, why??? She came up with a flurry of excuses, and got out of the car. I was so embarrassed by how she handled this. I thought to myself, what would our friends and neighbors think? What would her children tell their friends. Her 18 year old son was the one who had all his friends with pick-up trucks help in the sneaky move. When I got out of the car, I walked into our home. Nothing remained but the TV, and a leather recliner, my oak dinning room table, and the bed down stairs and end tables. Everything else was removed. I had a million questions, with little time to talk. She said that she would be in contact with me and that she was moving to a much smaller apartment. That didn’t ease my pain at all.

I went in and sat down at the oak table, and was going to call a friend. I picked up the phone and it was dead, she even shut that down. My wife had many emotional issues she never dealt with. Unfortunately, I was the one who got traumatized by them.

The next several weeks were a blessing, I healed quickly, I found out that I had many friends who really cared about me, but didn’t want to come over to the house because of her. Many were relieved, even some of my family members were happy.

I wasn’t the only one who got this treatment. I was riding home from a class one evening, listening to Focus on The Family on the radio. The guest they had on that evening was Jill Brisco from Elmbrook church in Brookfield, Wisconsin. She was talking about those hurt in divorce. She was mentioning about a woman who was her attendant at a conference she was asked to speak at. She described the woman as very attractive, and very nice. The second night Jill Brisco asked her if she was married, the woman responded, no she was not. Jill said to her, your very beautiful and why aren’t you married? She explained to Jill that she was once married, and was divorced now. She started to tell her story about how her and her husband went out on a date night, she explained that it was a wonderful time, they talked and laughed together, she was so happy. After dinner they headed home and as he was driving up the driveway, he asked if she would get the mail. She got out of the car and got the mail while he went up the driveway and into the house. As she went to the front door and tried to open it, and it was locked. So, she knocked and knocked and her husband never answered the door. She got on her tippy toes and looked into the house from the top of the front door window. The furniture was gone, she had no clue what happened. That’s when I said “oh, boy..I know what happened” I knew he did the same thing that my ex did to me, and she went on with the story that finally her husband opened the door and said that she was no longer living there and that the furniture she had was placed in the garage, and that she should have someone help her out, by moving it out of the garage. I felt her pain for sure!

My number two mistake was not listening to my gut feeling, I could have avoided this mess by getting out earlier, and moving on. The pain that I went through was unnecessary. So, I would have to say, I should have listened to my family and friends, to get out. You don’t get medals of honor for being stupid in this life. You survive by listening to your heart and taking action. If you feel that you are in a bad situation, with no hope, then you should flee as fast as you can. Seek help for your situation and take action. If you need help in making a plan and having someone that can help you carry it out, call me. I can help you through the process. Check out Mike’s blog and share some of your stories or help some of the people who need encouragement. The blog e-mail address is Blog: https://applicablecoaching.com/blog/

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