So, What’s Going To Change This Year? By Dr. Michael Brooks

So, What’s Going to Change This New Year?

By Dr. Michael Brooks

The year is almost over, some of us will look back and try to remember what New Year’s resolutions we made for this present year. Honestly, I can’t remember very many of the ones I made for any year. So, for this coming year, I’m not making any resolutions. I know what changes I would like to make. There simple and will make others feel good about themselves.
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I love encouraging people and remember an older woman that I met at the grocery store where I live. She was in the checkout line and seemed sad, I could tell by her body language and demeanor she was not doing well. As she turned and looked at me, I noticed a pin on her coat that had an American flag. I started up some small talk about her flag pin. I found out she was from Minnesota near the Twin Cities. I mentioned to her about our family living near Richfield, and her spirits picked up. We talked about the winters and summers in Minnesota, and how her family would take a week off during the summer to go fishing and swimming. She smiled as we spoke about living in Minnesota during our youth.

I know some people would think it’s inappropriate to talk about personal experiences, but I think differently. If you feel your calling is encouraging others, do it! You can’t get to know people if you connect with them.

Remember, we’re not here to worry about what others think of us and who we speak to, it’s none of their business. If you feel reaching out to someone who needs a kind word, don’t hold back. Use your words to uplift, encourage and show kindness. That’s what I am going to do this year, make a point to look for those who are hurting. I believe people need these following items from us.

  • Giving words of encouragement
  • Give sincere compliments
  • Honest listening
  • Have a compassionate heart
  • Feeling others pain
  • Letting others know you care

This is my game plan for helping others this year; you may want to see if you can make a difference in others lives. Yes, it may make you come out of your comfort zone, but it’s well worth it. Give it a try and see how it will change your life by helping others.

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