What fun plans have you made for this year?

What fun plans have you made for this year?

I sat back and wondered, what plans do I have and want to accomplish this year? Well, I guess I want to help others in anyway I can, that’s one of my plans. I also want to keep encouraging others reach their goals, and not simply walk away fromthem. So, let’s start by having you make a list of things you want to do this year, and remember that this is not a resolution list, its fun things that need to happen in your life.

As I rode my ATV last fall, I really enjoyed the joy it brought me, let’s face it … I felt like I was riding a horse and getting to areas that I could never imagine existed. My goal was to share that with friends and family, so I made that happen on Labor Day. I took several of my family and friends on an ATV trip this side of the Continental Divide. Several of them have never been on an ATV, and it was fun watching them explore the Rockies on the ATV’s. The looks and stares at the mountains in the distance said it all. They were pointing to several mountains, at the streams below and were amazed to ride our ATV’s through several streams. I was excited to put the 5 hour trip together; it brought me personal joy by bringing everyone together and seeing how happy they were.

Do you have some kind of event that you would like to plan this summer for a group of friends or family members? If you do, start planning your event now. Learn to enjoy putting your function together, make a list of people who you want to invite and plan accordingly. If its to go host a BBQ then make your invite list, pick a good day that works for you and send out invitations a month in advance and go from there.

Part of my labor day ATV ride was also to have a BBQ cookout and a Jam session at my house with the blue grass pickers that I invited, several of these folks (family members) came from all over the country. Keep in mind that most who attended this BBQ were those of us who sat and watched and enjoyed hearing some of the best blue grass musicians in Colorado. I invited several folks who loved to play their guitars and mandolins; I said bring your instruments along and play along. It was an amazing time. If your creative and love to get people together for an enjoyable evening and BBQ, this is one of the easiest events to do, this brings lots of happiness to those you love and care about.

Another idea would be a nature walk in RMNP-Rocky Mountain National Park. Pack and lunch and bring your camera and head out into many of the hiking trails that this park has to offer. I have got some great memories and sitting at the picnic tables conversing with friends and family. You will be amazed how comforting and peaceful it is when sharing past events in your life, on how well people will listen to you as they look at landscapes and hear water from streams and rivers – it seems to be a great setting just for talking and sharing.

Is planning a fun event hard for you to do? Does it seem overwhelming and scares you? You can start on a small scale, maybe organize a Rockies game for a few friends and reconnect with them at a ball game. If you want to do something with the grand kids, maybe a park setting where a play ground is, bring some snacks and between the swings and merry go rounds, sit with them at a picnic table and talk with them. Your grand kids will love it when you plan something just for them. Kids will keep you entertained for sure, they do say funny things!

This doesn’t have to be difficult, plan something that you can enjoy and have fun at. I also drive people nuts when I do things at spur of the moment events. Sometimes I feel like doing a BBQ and watching a game, so the calls go out and most of the time, people don’t have anything planned and will be happy to come over and watch a movie or BBQ. I find seeing others having a good time at one of my hosted events is worth the effort, it brings me great joy in planning and asking people over. Many times I will mix different people so they can make some new friends. I will also invite some who are loners in the mix of great people that I get together. Life is way to short to not have fun and enjoy the people in your lives. You have to makes things happen, you have to pick up the phone and ask people to come to your event.

This is an easy and fun thing to do; gathering friends together promotes a wonderful memory of something you put together. Try it; you will be glad you did.