What Does It Mean To Hit Rock Bottom (2)

What Does It Mean To Hit Rock Bottom? Continued from last week.
I went back to the clinic and started seeing my afternoon patients. Near the end of my patient schedule, the muscles in my legs and lower back began to ache. I thought that maybe I was coming down with flu. I checked out of the office and started walking across the street to my car.

Then it hit me! It felt like I had been hit over the head with sledge hammer and had a pounding headache. My vision instantly blurred and my muscles ached even more. I drove home and barely made it to the driveway. Shivering all over, I made my way to the sofa. As I lay there, I wondered what was going on with me. I slowly got up and after almost falling on my face, I walked over to the thermostat to turn the heat on high. After that I crept to the bathroom and lay on the floor by the heating vent.

Six hours later I woke up, stilly laying on the bathroom floor and still hurting all over. I managed to get up and drive to the hospital. When I got to the emergency room I was taken immediately to the patient examination room. They did all kinds of tests and asked lots of questions. Eventually they found out that I had a rare form of food poisoning and was hospitalized for several days. That’s when my downfall started to happen. It’s when I lost my health and believe me, when that’s gone, you know it. I couldn’t work for several weeks so earning an income was out the door. I couldn’t pay my bills which damaged my good credit rating. My fitness center suffered because I wasn’t able to work with my staff. I felt like giving up. I was at rock bottom. Several weeks later, I woke up with the realization that it was up to me to get out of this mess.

That’s when I heard an inner voice talking to me. “Not so fast Mike! What about me?” I remembered that still small voice, the one that was always there when I needed direction or encouragement along life’s path. It was the voice I needed to hear.

My future looked bleak and without a game plan for my life I was going to forced down a path I had no control over. Keep in mind, my health was at rock bottom, I had lost a great deal of weight, was exhausted all the time, rarely got a good night’s sleep and I couldn’t work because of lingering side effects from the food poisoning. I was depressed and in utter despair.

Next week we will continue with part three of “What it Means to Hit Rock Bottom”.
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