Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (17)

Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (17)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, we will discover how yellows operate and how much fun they can be to the rest of the colors in the colorcode. Yellows love fun, that’s their motto!

Yellows like to have a lot of fun and enjoy their life no matter what they are doing. Simply put yellows know how to have fun. They are always looking forward to what tomorrow brings. Yellows are notorious for their spontaneous ways. When I get the hankering to do something fun and at the spur of the moment, I’ll call a friend at 6:30 on a Saturday morning and ask if they want to moment and go with me to my favorite donut shop. I usually get the answer “Yes” and we will meet in a parking lot or I pick them up and we head down to the donut shop. I will share my day and ask about theirs and it ends up be a great time spent together. We laugh and enjoy the morning together. Let’s face it, yellows are good to have in your life.

Now yellows do have their weaknesses, and we need to look at those. Yellows have little regards to your boundaries and theirs as well. They can be messy and disorganized with their homes. Their personal appearance is neat and clean. Yellows are self-centered individuals. Many times, they look at the big issues facing them and will find some excuse not to address whatever the problem is, they are easily distracted and find something else to focus on.

Yellows are wanting to experience all that life has to offer, and trust me they will find it. Yellows have great attitudes towards new ideas, change, relationships, jobs, and their future. Yellows look for the good in people and look past the faults in others. When you get into a discussion with a yellow they can share what’s on their hearts with honesty and compassion. Yellows bring optimistic hope to those who are struggling with life, a yellow will make you laugh, giggle, and enjoy life. That’s in their nature!

 Here are some yellow strengths: highly optimistic, loves to volunteer, sees life as an experience, adventurous and daring, thinks quickly on their feet, easy to talk to, comfortable with people, able to express self, loves conversation, very flexible, people oriented, high energy, inspires people, highly entertaining, turns crisis into comedy. These are just a few of the positive traits for a yellow.

In closing, yellow personalities are much needed in todays world. People need yellows to encourage them to be optimistic, forward thinking, and to enjoy life to the fullest.

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