The Power of Your Words Give Life or Death!

The Power of Your Words Give Life or Death (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Rule number #1, have guidelines in place when you have a face-to-face meeting with anyone you talk to. You want to get to the heart of the matter without bunny trailing and without using hurting words by putting the person down to prove a point. I believe that uplifting and encouraging conversations get much better results than negative and condescending words. Keep in mind how you’d like to be spoken to. Most of us would rather be talked to in a civil and respectful manner. Always keep in mind that you have to be in control of what you say to someone or how you should respond to them. There is always hope if you’re willing to try to save your relationship!

I had a friend of mine who wanted his wife to learn how to shoot a handgun. They went to a shooting range where she could learn the basics of pistol shooting. I watched as he worked with her. He was getting frustrated by the minute as he tried to teach her to shoot a 22 pistol. He was condescending in his words and very critical towards her. He said to her, “our 10-year-old son could figure this out, why can’t you?” this isn’t that hard he scolded her. She was extremely frustrated and said that she just wanted to go home. He was at his wit’s end. The range safety officer heard what was going on and walked over to my friend and asked if he could help her. My buddy said, “certainly, you’ll have no better luck than I did.”

I have to say the range safety officer spoke encouraging words and worked with her step by step, and she responded very well to his way of saying things to her. He didn’t berate her or speak negatively to her. She actually did a great job and was very comfortable with the way he taught her to shoot. This made all the difference in the world the way she was spoken to. Remember, the way you speak to the people in your life is important in the way they respond to you. If you’re speaking positive words and uplifting words to those people you interact with, you can expect to be treated well. On the other hand, if your words are critical or negative, you can expect poor results in most of your expectations and communication with that person and a lack of respect towards you.

I watched a mother playing with her Down syndrome daughter at a park one day. The child was about 6 or 7 years of age. The mother was laughing while trying to teach her daughter how to sing (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star); they both giggled and smiled, and the mother never gave up. The daughter was enjoying the connection she had with her mother. Could you imagine if the mother was harsh towards the daughter while teaching her to learn this simple song? I want to give you some tips on how impactful your words can be towards others in your life, like your spouse, family, friends, and co-workers.

Next week we will continue with our series, The Power of Your Words Give Life or Death. Learn how to be uplifting to those in need with positive affirmation words. A single encouraging word can change a person’s life forever.

Do you need help in how to use uplifting words to those you know, and you’re a negative person? Do you want to know how to respond to those who keep speaking negative words about you? Are you hurting over a past relationship where someone said things that you still can’t get out of your mind? Do you need to move forward in your life, but you are still stuck with painful memories of what someone said to you or about you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, give Dr. Mike a call and he can help you sort things out!

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