The Blame Game

The Blame Game by Dr. Michael Brooks

I was sitting in a perfect spot to watch the Rockies and Minnesota Twins baseball game. The sun was starting to set in the west and it was in the 80’s. I had a great view of the entire field. I was in the upper deck at Coors Field. I was listening to the people around me talk. I was overhearing people talk about their kids, and others talk about their plans for the summer. The smell of popcorn, cotton candy and brats was getting to be too much for me. What guy wouldn’t like a few brats and a 7-up? The smells of the brats were making my mouth water, so I decided to get up and walk to the food court.

I saw all kinds of attire at the game. My team, the Minnesota Twins, happened to be playing an inter-league game against the Colorado Rockies. So, I looked at several of the Minnesota fans wearing Twins jerseys and ball caps. I said,”Hi.” to the Twins fans as I walked toward the food court. The atmosphere at Coors field was exciting. We were about 30 minutes before the start of the game. I got to talk with several Twins fans visiting from Minnesota. We talked about the Vikings, the Wild, the Timberwolves and the University of Minnesota football and basketball programs. I was really excited to hear about my teams back home.

I ordered my brats and headed back to my seat in the upper deck. I sat down, got comfortable, and ate my brats while taking in the entire view of the field and players warming up. I could hear other fans and my friends laughing and having a great time while I was watching the sun setting in the west.

Life can be like a baseball game. Many tough decisions have to be made. Who do you have pitch against your opponents? What game plan will you use? What batters will you put in to face the opposing pitcher? There are lots of tactics that are implemented in winning a baseball game. That’s why managers and coaches make the big bucks by putting a winning team on the field. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in baseball. Coaches and managers are always sitting down with their players and talking about their needs both on and off the field. They care about their players.

Then you have players who are all about themselves; self-centered, in trouble with owners, managers, coaches and fellow players. They think about money, fame, and glory. They have been spoiled by parents, relatives and some college coaches. You read about them in the newspapers, see them on the local television, or on ESPN. Their life seems to spiral out of control, with nowhere to turn. To make matters worse, they start defending themselves in the print media, and on television. They start to blame others for their actions. That’s when the public starts to unload on the million dollar athletes that are cry babies. Can you think of a few very high profile athletes, who have been in trouble lately? Barry Bonds ring a bell? How about Kobe Bryant? There is a long list of highly paid athletes that have been in trouble with team owners and the law. Their attitudes get them into trouble with people, and their fans are sick of it. They get booed at home and away games. It’s really sad to see some careers come to an end this way.

Are you someone that is getting into trouble with your boss, family, and friends? Do people say that you’re out of control, and that you need to talk to someone who can help you keep out of trouble? Here are some tips that can help you keep your foot out of your mouth:

1. If you have messed up, admit it. Don’t blame others for your stupid actions. Why prolong the pain of the blame game? People will respect you when you admit fault. Do you remember a time when a friend lied to you about a situation and you knew the truth? Yet, they continued to lie and you were angry about the denial game? Again, if you messed up, admit it. Your friends and family will forgive you if you admit it on the spot and don’t let time pass. When time passes, it festers and becomes ugly.

2. Don’t drag others into your blame game. This could be your undoing and will get you into lots of trouble. You could get into legal trouble, or lose some wonderful friends and acquaintances. So, if your tempted, don’t!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to a trusted friend and admit you’re struggling with some issues. Be open and honest. Make sure the person that you are confiding in is someone you can trust. If the person is a known gossip, stay clear and beware!

4. Start planning on how to react in all situations. If you like to brag, don’t! People don’t like to hear others talk about themselves and the great feats they have done during their lifetime. So, know what you need to do when you feel certain actions are coming into play. A silent man looks smart, a fool opens his mouth when not asked.