Thanksgiving Memories

My uncle Chet loved sharing the heritage of the Brook’s family tree and I loved listening and learning about my heritage. As a child I remember my teachers talking about the pilgrims prior to Thanksgiving week. We colored pictures of them in grade school and made turkeys out of paper plates and colorful feathers. My teachers shared the hardships the pilgrims encountered and how native Americans kept them alive during the winter months. It sounded so exciting to me as a kid. I loved every aspect of history and was amazed when I learned our family had Mayflower descendants.

I learned our family was at the first Thanksgiving dinner and was thankful for that. Other than my Uncle Chet I was the only one of my siblings interested in our Mayflower heritage. My interest carried on through high school where I dug into researching our decedents George Soule and Peter Browne. My research revealed they were respected leaders and worked for religious freedom.  

I also have many fond family Thanksgivings. My dad loved cooking the Thanksgiving turkey while my mother cooked everything else. As we sat there looking at each other across the table stuffed to the brim I remember asking, “When do we get pumpkin pie?” I was 12 at the time but remember getting mom’s cloth napkins tossed at me from everyone at the table! I often go back to that Thanksgiving memory. My Dad would get up early, prepare the turkey then make breakfast for us all. After breakfast he would start a nice fire in the fireplace where we would sit in the family room and call family members and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

When we were done feasting at the Thanksgiving table and the day was coming to a close, my mother would come into my room and ask me what I was thankful for. I sat back and thought about her question and said, “Well, you and dad, my brothers and sister and our dogs.” I suppose may not have been a typical child’s answer to his mother’s question, but it was the only answer that I had.  

Today I ask myself the same question. I am thankful for my family including my wife, daughter and brothers. I’m also thankful for the fond memories of my parents and sister who have passed on. I am thankful for my faith in God and all that He has provided for me. I am thankful for the country we live in and for friends and wonderful memories. I could fill several pages with my responses to this question. Now it’s your turn!

What are you thankful for? Take some time and reflect what is important to you and write those thoughts down. Think through the years and see if your memory will allow you to do so. Think about those you love and special events you’ve shared with family and friends. Why are they important to you and why are thankful for them? This is a great day in our nation’s history. Share your thoughts with your family and friends and don’t forget to share them on my blog listed below. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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