Start Your Impossibility Journey (3)

Start Your Impossibility Journey (3)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, we will continue with making your impossibilities a reality with hard work and planning!

My friends if people are telling you, your dreams and goals are impossible, show them by making them happen. I am talking about realistic goals. The impossible dreams can the mental goals, like getting an education, starting a business, these are the visions, the dreams many of us have. Then you have the physical goals, like getting healthy, kicking bad habits, exercising your way into shape. Looking back, I wasn’t cut out to play basketball, I didn’t have much desire to play basketball, but the weight lifting and football, yes, that I enjoyed, and the baseball career could have been a realistic dream, but, I wanted to play football instead of baseball.

Now, what are your impossible dreams, goals, and visions? Have you been told there is no way you can achieve them? They are impossible? If so, did you just give up and forget about them? Are the impossibilities still wandering around in that brain of yours? They just won’t go away; they linger on and keep you thinking about them? I suggest that your impossibilities need to be brought back to life and given a second look.

Many of you have been told that you’re too slow to go to college or a trade school. If that’s the case, then maybe you should start looking into fulfilling that dream by checking into schools near you or online schools. We set the limitations on how far we can go in life, others shouldn’t dictate that for you. If you had bad grades, then start by getting some help and making things happen. Remember, you have to aggressively go after your dreams, goals, and visions. They will not always fall into your lap. You have to decide what’s impossible to do. For example, you can’t add inches to your height to make you a better basketball player, right? You can develop skills on the court that will make up for the lack of size. You may never have millions in the bank, but you can research and invest wisely to live comfortably and provide for yourself and your family.

How many of you want to start a business? You may have ambitions of using your passions to make a living, as many of us have and enjoyed a successful career. What is holding you back? Lack of research, funds, education, or is it lack of motivation? Whatever is holding you back, you need to sit down and make a list of those things and work on eliminating them from your list.

I wanted to own a fitness center since I was in college; I was still going to the University of Wisconsin, taking classes and trying to figure out how I could make this happen. I was looking down the road of 5 to 10 years to make this a reality. First, I had to finish my degree and then get a job and save money for this dream of mine. While going to the U of Wisconsin, I got a part-time job at UPS working the pre-sort (unloading 40-foot trailers) in the early morning (3:30 AM). I was getting my education paid for and saving money by this part-time job. Meanwhile, I was doing my due diligence in how to start and own a fitness center. When I finished my degree, I worked part-time at UPS and part-time at a clinic in a small town where I lived. I began to check out places to open a fitness center in the area I lived. I checked out vacant buildings, storefronts, and pole barns. I started to check into the kind of gym equipment I would need to have when I opened my center. All this was exciting as I researched to make my impossible dream come true. I had the naysayers; oh, you can’t make a gym work in this town, it’s too small. I had many people tell me it’s impossible and don’t waste my time.

Next week, we will continue how to make your impossibilities become real with hard work and determination.

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