When To Walk Away (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks

When to Walk Away (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks

If you can’t get your partner to sit down with you, then you can write out what you want to express, and see if that works by letter. It may open some doors for communication. It’s worth a shot. In your letter, don’t be condescending, argumentative, or opinionated. State how you feel and why. Remember you want some feedback and not to force an argument via your letter. When writing, state facts and not your opinions. There really is no reason to be mean or vindictive in your letter. Most likely if you’re hurting and taking it out on someone in your letter, this will not get any lasting results you want or need.

  • Write your letter when you’re not angry
  • State clearly what you want to say
  • Avoid confrontation in your letter
  • Have solutions and a plan when writing your letter
  • Set up a time to talk in your letter if at all possible
  • Don’t use your letter to guilt someone into what you want
  • Don’t overuse the word “I” use the words: we, and us, find a compromise

I know these ideas are simplistic, but if they are used in your letter, they may open the doors of communication for you. At least this a starting point for you, take your time when writing your letter, it may open the doors of face to face dialog for you. Always keep the other person’s position in the back of your mind when writing your letter to them. Put yourself in their shoes and why they are avoiding talking with you.

If they continue to avoid talking with you, then some tough, hard-line choices have to be made. Is staying in your relationship worth the hassle that you’re going through? You have to consider several reasons why you should walk away from your relationship. Here are possible reasons.

  • Emotional issues, depression, no sleep, can’t focus at home or work, anger, crying, weepy, lack of or no motivation.
  • Physical issues, constantly ill, upset stomach, calling in sick or missing work, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, not eating.

I’m sure several of you could add to these two lists, but they are enough to make you wonder if staying in a relationship is worth the hassle. That decision is ultimately up to you.

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