Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (13)

Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (13)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

We are wrapping up this week’s article on the colorcode white personality, and next week start on the yellows, the personality color of fun! They are one of the most exciting colors in the colorcode.

Whites hate confrontation; they are the peacemakers in the colorcode personality. My daughter will shut down when she is uncomfortable in certain situations. It seems like she is giving the silent treatment, but this is her way of coping with a potential confrontation. I do the same thing too. She will not openly share what she is feeling; she feels deep with her heart and mind, it’s just hard for her to share those feelings with people. I have to talk with her to get her to open up about how she feels.

One thing that drives the other colorcode personalities wild is that whites appear to be unmotivated, lazy, no drive. They seem to lack direction and commitment. Motivation requires goals, how to make these goals happen, next steps. For the whites, this is very difficult. Goals need your passion and a desire to make things happen, and whites fail miserably in this area. When a white finds something that they like to do, more often than not, whites will lose interest in it after several weeks.

In many ways, whites are like yellows, they are very accepting of all the colors, they try to find good in everyone they meet. People like being with whites because they are not judgemental and bring a healthy balance to a relationship. They want peace, and who doesn’t? They don’t seek out people to argue with and will bring peace and harmony to a relationship. Whites prefer to be alone and enjoy their alone time. Some folks think they are boring, and they can be at times, but they enjoy it when someone interacts with them and creates some excitement.

I had one client who was afraid to show his feelings or reveal how he felt. He was very protective of sharing his emotions. He avoided most conversations when people shared or spoke of how they felt about relationships. He would find an excuse to leave and go sit alone on a couch. That is a typical response of a white when avoiding uncomfortable situations. One of the reasons they do this is to prevent any confrontations on how they feel and don’t want to be asked any questions. Keep in mind that white personalities go through life as easy as they can; sometimes, you never know they are there. They are always in the background observing and listening.

What are the limitations of the white colorcode personality? That’s a great question, so what are their limitations? Well, let’s begin by saying they appear to be detached and uninvolved. Simply put, they seem uninterested and unwilling to set goals. They are not crazy about involvement because they fear that there will be confrontation or rejection. So what do they do? They hide in the background and watch.

Now the white strengths are amazing. They get along with every personality in the colorcode; we should learn from them as they contribute so much to all walks of life. They are gentle, kind, the VOR’s in our lives (Voice Of Reason). We need them to bring balance to our chaotic and hectic lives.

Hopefully, this has been an enlightening article for you, and you learn how to communicate with all the colors in the colorcode. Next week, we will learn about the yellows. They can be a blast, fun to hang around with, and be endearing.  

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