Every Day is a Friday (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Every Day is a Friday (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks Today, we’ll finish this article series on “Every Day is a Friday.” I think having a positive attitude is key to making Every Day is a Friday. What you think and dwell on or about negatively will impact you for that day. If you dread going to work and hate your boss or co-workers, that’s where your energy will go. Look for the good things in your job, be positive. Be thankful you have a job. If you can’t stand your job, then change things by getting a different job, or getting more education to move to a different position in the company you work for. There are positives in your life, you may just have to dig deeper to find them, but they are there! To continue reading this article go to the following link below: http://idontwantthisdivorce.com/2019/07/every-day-is-a-friday-3-by-dr-michael-brooks/

Making Every Day is a Friday is up to you, plan ahead to make it happen