Start Your Impossibility Journey (1)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

I look back at my life and have seen many great opportunities I have missed because I was overcome with the term “it’s impossible.” The word impossible was a roadblock for me; it kept me from becoming an explorer in my own life. I missed several opportunities growing up. I can remember very well several people telling me you can’t do this or do that! My first experience being told that I was too small to play basketball was when I was six years old. The army base that we lived on was in Schweinfurt, Germany. The AYA was the (American Youth Association) sports program for military kids. They had football, baseball, and basketball leagues for all age groups. I remember my dad encouraging me to try basketball, so I went to the base gym with my older brother Bob.

I tried dribbling, and I wasn’t very good at it, I was afraid to shoot at the backboard because the backboard was made out of a clear plastic that looked like a window, and I was afraid that I would break it. Let’s just say, I wasn’t basketball material. Our first game was on a Saturday, and I had two practices under my belt. My mom made me a lunch to take on the bus, I showed up, and as I was getting on the bus, the coach said I was going, I was too small to play against the big boys. I was crushed. I walked home and was greeted by my mom when I walked through the door. She must have gotten a phone call from the coach that I wasn’t going to the game. I remember her saying that some things we want to do just don’t work out, and that’s OK!

The following spring, I was now seven years old; my dad said that I should try out for baseball. That was a fiasco, even for a kid who never played before. I got my uniform, went to a few practices, and then we had our first game. My mom and dad attended my first baseball game ever and were very supportive. Keep in mind my dad played football and baseball at the University of Minnesota. I stepped up to the plate and took a few practice swings, then the coach pitched the ball (we didn’t have Tee-ball back then), and I swung hard and sent that ball deep into the outfield over the head of the outfielder. I didn’t know which base to run to; I started to run to third base instead of first base; the umpire at home plate ran over and directed me to first base, the first base coach ran with me to second base, and told me to stay there. I heard parents laughing on the sidelines, and I wondered why? When my parents told me on the way home, I laughed too.

I’ve learned many life lessons from my time in sports as a kid and as an adult. What I was told was impossible; I made it possible with hard work and my faith in God.

Growing up on the south side of Chicago in the suburbs was a blessing in disguise. There were all kinds of trouble a kid could get into. Because of the sports I was involved in, I focused on playing sports with my friends that lived on my block. We played street football, went to the park to play baseball. Pick-up games were the norm back then. We played for hours on end and wouldn’t get home until after dark. I realized that finding good friends wasn’t impossible as long as you had the right ones in your life.

Next week, we will continue how to make your impossibilities become real with hard work and determination.

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