Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (8)

Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (8) By Dr. Michael Brooks

We will wrap up the color blue in this article. By now, you have learned a great deal about the blue personality and how important they are to have in your life. Why is it essential to have a blue personality in your life? I believe that they are one of the most enduring colors in the colorcode. They care and are empathetic, and listen well, are energetic, also creative, they love and enjoy closeness in relationships. All in all, they are just good people. Yes, they have their quirks, as we all do. Blues will enrich your life, and trust me, they will bring you a lot of peace and entertainment all at the same time. Blues rarely can tell a joke, and a lot of times, they don’t even get a joke. That will be the entertaining part of a relationship with a blue. I will tell my one blue friend a joke, and they will look at me, trying to figure if the joke was funny!

Here are some of the blues strengths: they are hard workers, always giving of themselves, highly disciplined, very good at deep conversation, very stable and dependable, they have a purpose, emotionally deep, very observant, they love working with children, is a loyal friend, considers spouse first when making decisions, contributes time to relationships, loyal to family, loves building on relationships!

If you’re a blue, these tips are for you: Make sure that those people who are in your family, spouse, work, co-workers, that they know your limits, sometimes blues will say yes, when they should say “NO”. Blues get way over their heads with a yes commitment. So let people know your boundaries and stick with them. This will prevent you from being taken advantage of and overwhelmed.

Don’t stress over your unmet expectations, manage your perfectionism, keep that in check. When dealing with unmet expectations, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but stay focused and work on one detail at a time. Don’t be demanding and hard on yourself, that’s a waste of energy on your part.

Don’t keep dates, times of every interaction that you have with people. Learn to let go of past issues that you have had with people. There is no reason to keep those files in your head. Some people will upset you in life, but honestly, why give them any space in your mind. Cleanse your mind and get rid of bad memories, bad people, and move on with your life. You, as a blue, enrich so many of us, and we need you in our lives. Learn to let go and enjoy life.

Remember you can’t control every situation, some things are out of your hands. Realize that you can’t control other people, you can’t run other people’s lives. You can’t control what other people do. Can you control your boss at work? No, you can’t. Can you control your neighbor next door? NO, you can’t. Learn to relax and live with your color blue. You guys are amazing!

Next week, we will continue the series on the colorcode on the color white (Life’s peacekeepers).

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I have used the colorcode when dealing with my clients and their needs. If you want a better marriage, the colorcode will open doors to better communication. If you are having issues at work with a co-worker or boss/management, the colorcode will open doors of understanding. If you hire or lay people off, the colorcode will give you the necessary tools for a better work environment, and better employee hires for the company.

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The Colorcode designed by Taylor Hartman is Unlike other personality tests, The Color Code not only identifies what you do but why you do it, allowing you to gain much deeper and more useful insights into what makes you and those around you tick. Each of the four colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, and White, stands for a collection of traits, strengths, and limitations. You can have one dominant color with traces of the three other colors in your colorcode personality. If you would like to take the free colorcode test and see what your primary color is, you can do so by going to colorcode.com click on the free test, once you take it, read what color your primary color is. The book is “The People Code” by Taylor Hartman, a great read and really gets into how the colors interact with each other. I highly recommend that you get this book.

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Do you feel a bit confused living or working with someone who is a blue after reading today’s article and want to learn more about what motivates them? Do you need help in building up the intimacy in your relationship through the colorcode? Do you want to know more about the colorcode and how to incorporate it in your marriage or business? Do you want help in managing and understanding your color in colorcode? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to contact Dr. Mike and set up an appointment. Please call Dr. Mike at 303.880.9878.

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Facing Your Giants (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Facing Your Giants (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks This week we will continue facing your giants, let’s look at what causes some of the giants you face. So my question for you today is: what are the Giants that you’re facing and want help to confront today? You may have one or several Giants that control you. I will share with you one of my Giants and that is Abandonment. ​To Continue reading this article go to the following link below: ​http://idontwantthisdivorce.com/2019/05/facing-your-giants-2-by-dr-michael-brooks/

Dont let the Giants you face control you

The Power of Your Words Give Life or Death (4) By Dr. Michael Brooks

The Power of Your Words Give Life or Death (4) By Dr. Michael Brooks

I can remember when I was 5 years old getting into big trouble with my parents. I found my mom’s scissors and started to cut my own hair. There was several bald spots and hair all over the bathroom sink. After cutting my hair I found a tube of red lipstick in the bathroom and decided that I wanted to look like a clown and made big red circles on my cheeks and chin. I then added the red nose for good measure. I was supposed to be watched by my older brother Bob who decided he wanted to go to a friend’s house. My mom and dad walked in the door and my mom screamed in horror when she saw me. “Where’s your older brother” she asked? I looked at her and said “I don’t know.” My dad was trying to keep a straight face, but looked sternly at me. My mom walked back into the living room and reminded me that tomorrow was the day I was supposed to have my school pictures taken.
I suppose that my mom and dad could have just lost it and spanked me. They didn’t…I sat and listened to my dad telling me that the scissors were dangerous and was told that I should ask permission to use them next time. My mom was very understanding and tried to clean me up from the lipstick. I’m sure some of you are wondering about the school pictures. I went and had them taken…in the picture you can still see the faint outlines of circles on my cheeks and chin and a very faint red nose. And the hair, well that couldn’t be hidden very well. It’s out there for everyone to see.

Now teenagers are a different breed of how your words are spoken. You have to be careful in how you say things to them. They can be sensitive and take things you say the wrong way. I have seen some terrific teenagers with incredible attitudes. I think parents have a lot of control in how their kids respond to things said to them. If you’re constantly berating your kids I’m afraid that the lack of respect you want from your teenagers is going to be lacking. Kids need someone who will sit down and talk things out with them. Not hearing how stupid, dumb, or childish they act. That will not work in helping kids during their difficult teen years. Be supportive and understanding.
My tips for speaking words of life over your teenagers:

• Ask them to sit down with you when you don’t understand why they do some of the things they do
• Be careful when angry and hold back on what you say to your kids, think about what you’re about to say. You can’t take back words spoken out of anger
• Avoid words such as stupid, dummy, idiot, no good, these promote negative feeling and lack of self-worth
• Try understanding where you child is coming from and talk about their needs, feelings, wants
• If you’re angry with your kids, by all means share why your angry without yelling, screaming, swearing. Be under control at all times.
• Take a timeout for yourself if needed, walk away and think about how you need to regain control and share why your upset.

Next week we will continue with our series The Power of Your Words Give Life or Death. Learn how to be uplifting to those in need with positive affirmation words. A single encouraging word can change a person’s life forever.

Do you need help in how to use uplifting words to those you know and you’re a negative person? Do you want to know how to respond to those who keep speaking negative words over you? Are hurting over a past relationship that someone said things that you still can’t get out of your mind? Do you need to move forward in your life but your still stuck with painful memories of what someone said to you or about you? If you answered yes to any of these questions give Dr. Mike a call and he can help you sort things out!

Dr. Michael Brooks is the founder of Applicable Counseling and Life Coaching Services. His services are affordable, accessible, anonymous and available by appointment from the privacy of your own home. To avoid travel time and the comfort of home, many clients prefer to meet with Dr. Mike over the phone 303.456.0555 or via Skype at drmike45. If you’re interested skyping with Dr. Mike send him an e-mail and let him know who you are and your skype name. The convenience of this type of coaching is the most effective means of Life counseling and life coaching. We come to you when you need us most.