Start planning to lose weight now!

I wonder how many of you want to lose weight, but really haven’t started planning on how you want to accomplish that goal. I am getting calls from clients that want to lose weight for 2009. What is the best way I can do that they ask? Well, my first response is, can you do the little things to lose weight? Like what they ask, and I will say can you commit to walking 30 minutes each day, with one day off during the week? Sure I can do that, no problem! Then I will ask them to list the goals for their health for 2009, then make an appointment to go over their goals with them. How realistic are they and can they stick with the program?

You see if you can’t keep the little goals then how in the world will you keep the big ones you want to accomplish. We all want to lose weight, feel stronger, leap tall buildings, run 5 minute miles, but it will not happen if you can’t do the small steps. That’s where people who are committed to losing weight and feel better will show they mean business by doing the little steps. So here is my question for you, how many of you are willing to make a commitment to 30 minutes a day of walking starting January 1st, 2009?

I will make that promise that I will walk with you and we can discuss your fitness and health goals. If you sign on after the January 1st, I will work with you and keep you accountable with walking and losing weight, no matter what the date!

If you need a exercise accountability partner coach, I am the man, if you have questions on how I can help you, go to the contact Mike link or call me for a free 1/2 hour consultation to see if a life coach can help you, that number is 303.456.0555. Have a great New Year!