So you found your new love, don’t make these mistakes!

You been looking for that special someone for years, they are out there and you know it. You have dated many and none of the people you dated was even close to what you have been looking for. You tried to fall in love, you even looked the other way when they did things that made you angry.You wanted it to work, but looking back, when you ended your brief relationship, it was the right move.

I talk to so many people who will sabotage a new relationship, how you may ask? They get into the infatuation faze of a new relationship and do silly and foolish things, we have all been there and did things we look back at and wonder, what was I thinking? Like calling 10 times a day, or wanting to be with this person every waking hour.

To a point this is cute, funny but very deadly in the long run. You need to build a slow emotional relationship with this individual. Get to know what makes them tick, see them in good and bad days. I have heard friends say “you know, it was going great, until they started calling 14 times a day” or, “I just started dating this person and they want to go out every Friday and Saturday night, its driving me crazy”. Can you relate to any of these remarks? I bet many of you can.

My tip for the day is, when you find someone that meets all your wants and desires, is to go slow, no fast track relationships, they seldom work. Have a game plan that will get the two of you to know each other in an emotional way. If someone is rushing you into a relationship that’s a physical one, then back off, your about to have some big hurts in your life from this kind of person. People will use you for their personal needs, you want no part of that. Make sure that you have check and balances that you follow, if you need help in setting these contact me.

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