Relationship Coaching

If you have been burned by online dating websites or meeting someone face to face, let me help you find the love of your life. Many people make mistakes by not knowing what they want out of a good healthy relationship. Most have never been in one! Do you know what a good relationship looks like? Love horoscopes don’t work, all they are is a roll of the dice. Knowing what kind of person you want to fall in love with is very important. Do you have a list of haves and have-nots for the person you want to date or get to know? Do you know when to stop pursuing someone online? Do you know the danger signs in an online love relationship that is going south? I can help you determine the kind of person you want to meet online and feel good about meeting this person. If you want more information on how Relationship Coaching works, contact Dr. Mike at 303.880.9878 or e-mail me at I can remember when I was dating a few years back. I tried the old-fashioned way of dating; getting fixed up with a friend of a friend, through the church that I attended. It never worked, and believe me I tried. So, I decided to give online dating a try. The dating websites were filled with excitement and wonder. I would look at the pictures and bios of endless available women. The first thing I would look at is the pictures, then read the short bio, then look at the picture again. I would go back and forth. It felt like I was trying to buy a car online. When I started contacting some of these women, that’s when I realized that dating on the Internet was ruthless. The lies, the half-truths, and the deception from desperate people, were just too much for me. I felt so sorry for the ones that I was starting to get to know. I wanted to fix their problems, care for them, and help them through their struggles. Then I decided that I better have a game plan when meeting people online, and not worry about fixing other people’s problems. My game plan consisted of understanding what I needed in a relationship. I was tired of the date after date with nothing more to show than a bill for dinner, and listening to someone’s self-inflicted personal pain and problems. Something had to change. I was going to make sure that I had control of my life again. So, here is what I came up with; what did I want out of a date? What needs did I have? I had emotional needs and physical needs. What were my core values and how important were they to me? The core values were the things that were not going to be negotiated or debated on, no matter what, I was born with them! Your haves and have-nots must fit into your core values. If someone shares these values that you have, so much the better. Don’t give these up because of a pretty face, or someone with lots of money. Your core values can be the guidance system that will keep you on course as you search for that special someone. Here are the items that you may use in your core values list; what church you will attend together? How many kids do you both want? As a couple, who will make the final decision on big issues? How do you decide who pays the bills? What happens if someone lies and breaks your trust? These are questions you must ask yourself and have answers to. Over a period of time, the people you date will have issues that will come out. Will you stick in the relationship because you fear being lonely or end it because they’re not the right person for you? So how do we prevent online dating problems from happening? The calls I get from distraught people are amazing. Men and women usually have pretty much the same issues. They can be trust issues, fear of commitment, or past relationship problems. Be smart when getting to know people online, take your time. Don’t share personal information with people you meet online. This is a no-brainer, yet some people give detailed info about where they live, street addresses, and bank information!!! Some people share where they work, or first and last names. People can really do stupid things when falling for another person. So be very careful when sharing your personal information. If you both decide that you want to talk on the phone, when you make the call, block your phone number or call from a payphone. Or, if you want to communicate via your e-mail, have a separate e-mail account for online dating. If you both want to meet, then meet in a public place. Many people have been put into a very dangerous position by allowing to meet at someone’s home. That’s not a wise thing to do. I know many people feel safe after they have e-mailed someone over a period of time and shared intimate details about their lives. Keep in mind that you’re meeting for the first time, and really don’t know each other. Take time to get to know each other, there really is no rush. You want to be safe and know what you’re getting yourself into. I suggest that you take several weeks to get to know each other by emailing and talking on the phone. Then down the road, if you feel that you want to meet each other face to face, meet in a public place with lots of people around. Do not on your first date get into a car with a person you don’t know. Meet in a public place first and over a period of time when you feel comfortable, then allow them to pick you up. You want to be safe while getting to know the people you meet online. These are simple rules to follow. If you’re having problems with people you meet, and want help in finding the love of your life, contact me. How can you try Life Coaching and find out if it works for you? Here’s how: Sign up now for a free Life Coach consultation. There’s no cost and no obligation. Just call Dr. Mike at 303.880.9878, or e-mail him at to set up a free Life Coach session. You’ll be amazed at the results from even one session. And it’s free! In addition, online/phone Master Life Coaching is affordable, accessible, anonymous, and available by appointment, from the privacy of your own home. Avoid the travel and time it takes to get to my office. Since you never have to leave the comfort of your own home to meet with me, your anonymity and privacy is completely secured. I have many out of state clients, this is the most effective means of Life Coaching for those of you who are out of the state of Colorado.