Random Acts of Kindness (Part 2)

Part two Random Acts of Kindness

I have received several phone calls and e-mails about last weeks column on Random Acts of Kindness. Several folks have expressed that they liked the idea and wanted to try it, many asked if there idea would work. Like the woman from Black Hawk, she wanted to know if going over and visiting a sick neighbor would be an inconvenience. I said give it a try and let the neighbor know that she wouldn’t stay to long, but to check in on her and see if she needed anything! Random Acts of Kindness do not have to be overwhelming nor a large amount of your time be spent in performing the act, just do it out of love for the person you are helping without expecting anything in return. No fanfare, no articles written about you, nor any pictures of you performing your act of kindness. It’s giving a part of yourself to help someone in need, or being kind to a total stranger.

I had a funeral to attend last Friday, I flew to Midway airport in Chicago, my flight left DIA in Denver. My sister had passed away from cancer, and my immediate family needed me as much as I needed them. I arrived at my gate at Frontier airlines and sat down. The place was very busy being a Friday morning. Every seat was taken at the gates and many people stood waiting for a seat to become available, I sat on the floor with my back against the wall watching and looking for a place to sit. The guy who sat in front of me, got up left his seat and took his briefcase occupying the seat next two him. Two seats opened up, I got up and saw another younger woman race to get one of the seats. We both managed to get one. I watched several people who walked toward the vacant seats while others wished they got one of the seats. The woman got her seat next to me got on her cell phone and started to talk with a friend of hers. I watched the craziness of the airport. I spotted a woman with a toddler about 3 years old kneeing on the floor trying to get her child to settle down. I watched this for about 30 seconds, and then walked over to her, knelt down, and spoke with her offering my seat for her and her son. She had plenty of carry on bags and a stroller by her side. She looked at me and then my empty seat 20 yards away and said “No thank you, he may do better walking around right where I am at, he is full of energy” the offer is open for you anytime you want it I said. As I walked back to my seat several people were watching what transpired, the woman who sat next to me, not knowing what I said, but by my actions said ” That was sweet, how nice of you”. Several guys looked at me and smiled, one gave me a thumbs up sign! How simple was my offer to a woman in need, it wasn’t a problem at all. The woman who sat next to me in the terminal was flying out to Salt lake to attend a funeral of her aunt. I got a chance to encourage her and she encouraged me. If your looking for chances to make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to look hard or very far, they are right in front of you.

I flew on Northwest airlines a few days ago and watched a flight attendant give special attention to the senior citizens on my flight. He went above and beyond of what was required of him. I have flown enough to know that this was a guy who had no problem of doing random acts of Kindness. Do you know of anyone who is always helping others? Let them know that you appreciate what they do for others in need. I know that we can make a difference in people’s lives, but will we act and make a commitment to help others? That’s my challenge to you, can you do at least one random act of kindness. I also want to challenge you to blog about your experiences, please change you name so we don’t know who you are. Here is the blog address to share your experiences with all of us, and thanks for sharing! http://www.applicablecoaching.com/blog/

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