Playing the Victim Card (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Playing the Victim Card (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Another problem is that parents will also use the victim card to blame teachers and teacher aids for their children’s poor grades. Parents should not allow the teachers to be babysitters while their children are at school. Parents need to sit down with their children and make sure that they do their assignments and work with their kids. 

Don't let time go by if you have said something foolish. Deal with it right away!

Don’t let people play the victim card on you!

Another place where the victim card is played is at work. This is a really bad place to use the card, (don’t talk about legal, martial, or your relationships at work) because there are many times when you use that card it gets around the office, and the gossip will start about you. There are consequences to you playing the victim card at work (DON’T). People who play the victim card are less likely to get a job promotion and advance in the company, honestly many of your coworkers can’t deal with your drama if you play this card.

As adults, we are more likely to use the victim card if we continue to get away with it. When you were hired, you had expectations for your employment. You had to be on time, work so many hours per day and week, you had to complete the job you were hired for. Many people today will use the victim card at work and try to get away with it. It happens all the time. Here are some excuses that people use at work.

  • Traffic was bad
  • Unexpected company
  • Too tired
  • Not feeling well
  • Weather conditions
  • Getting kids to school
  • Family problems

Some of these excuses are valid, and with most employees, they will understand.  But, if you’re the one using the victim card and missing work because of it, you can’t blame others for being angry at you. People will start confronting you if you continue to use the victim card at work. 

Do you feel that you’re living with a spouse that plays the victim card on you and you want it to stop? Do you need help in confronting someone who abuses the victim card? Are you someone who uses the victim card and you want to stop? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then contact Dr. Mike for personal help and planning your next steps at 303.880.9878.

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