Kid, You ain’t no quitter!

When I played football at Rich East high school in Park Forest in the suburbs of Chicago in the 70’s, football was king! We had 80 kids out just for the freshman football team. My freshman football coach was a well rounded and compassionate man. He taught us well and walked most of us scared and nervous kids through the process of becoming football players. I respected my coach, he taught me being a hard worker on and off the field, would help me in the classroom. He was right, it paid big dividends. I can remember during one game, we were getting trounced, in a big way. I was a 185 pound defensive lineman, the opposing teams halfback broke through our defensive line, and was going to score a 60+ yard touchdown. I ran the entire field trying to catch up to him and tackle him. As the time ran off the clock and the score was 55 to 12, we headed back to our locker room. The coach gave his closing remarks about the game to the entire team.

I can remember sitting on the floor staring at my football cleats, as he spoke. Then I heard my name being called out. I looked up at the coach, and he was sharing with our team, that only one player pursued the halfback down the field for 60 yards, and that was Mike Brooks. He looked at me in front of the whole team and said ” Kid, you ain’t no quitter”. That’s when I realized that no matter how hopeless any given situation is, you keep pursuing it. You don’t quit, you fight hard to make things happen. How many times have people given up to soon, just inches from a victory? I have to admit, I sure have!

If you want to make your business better, then do the right things to make it happen, make sure that your sphere of influence is with successful people and business people who have a vision and passion to succeed. If you associate yourself with people who have no desire or drive and only want to talk about being successful, then cut ties and run. Being a dreamer is great as long as you put action items to your dreams. I have been around people, who only talk and want others to make their dreams happen. I avoid these people in any and all business situations.

As a 12 year old kid, we would travel to Minnesota from Chicago to visit family during summer vacation, the trip was always exciting. I would get to see aunts and uncles, see my cousins, and grand parents. On one such trip, I remember a vivid talk I had with my great aunt Dorothy. She asked how old I was, and I told her that I was twelve. Then she asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was excited to tell her that I wanted to be a pro football player and play for the Minnesota Vikings. Bud Grant, the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings was a cousin of mine, and I admired him as a football coach. She turned and looked at me and said that I was to small and that would never happen! What her words did to me as a kid, just hurt beyond description. It was hard as a kid to get over her hurtful remarks. I wanted to show her that I was going to play pro ball. While growing up, remembering her stinging words as they helped me in the weight room at my high school. I became one of the strongest athletes in the state of Illinois, I set several records in weight lifting. Her remarks drove me to become focused on building my hidden talents. I used what was intended to hurt me, to become who I am today. Have you have someone in your life that hurt you with put-downs? Do you harbor bitterness and just have given up with your goals and dreams with the hurtful remarks aimed at you? Now is the time to take your life back from those who hurt you. Only you can make that happen.

All I can say is, use the remarks that hurt you to build a solid foundation to succeed and move on, become that person that will become successful and fulfill passions and dreams you have dreamed about. This isn’t rocket science folks, its simply working towards realistic goals and making them happen. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make your world change?

Have you had people tell you, “you can’t start a business, what are you thinking?” “There is no way you can get back into shape, your ‘re a heart attack waiting to happen!”, “Are you serious, you want to start a new career, that will never happen!”. These are just a few remarks that I have had clients tell me over the years. It breaks my heart when those we love or know, start being negative and downplay what excites us. If you’re ready and want to make some serious changes in your life, call me, and let’s talk. Sitting down with a Life Coach will help you plan out your future that’s realistic and in stages your comfortable with.

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