Is procrastination a problem for you?

How many of us have been promising to do things for our spouses, children, friends, co-workers or even ourselves and failed to deliver. I have on several occasions made plans to complete projects, but never seem to get them done. I always found something else to do. I have three book projects that have been on hold for over 2 years, and I finally got an editor to finish the job. Do you have a problem with procrastination? If you do, please read on!

What is procrastination? For most of us we would say it’s needlessly putting off, postponing, delaying, finding something else to do. This will vary from person to person. Do you want help in overcoming procrastination? If you do, lets sit down and discuss how we can help you. Name some of your issues with procrastination, and we can get into seeing how we can help you.

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