I Want Revenge, get it, Revenge!

I listened to a client last night rant and rave about how they wanted to get back at someone who hurt them. The tirade went on for about 20 minutes. As I listened I felt pretty sorry for this person. Then finally they stopped, probably too tired to continue, I asked them, what’s the pointin wanting revenge? You will only have temporary peace, then the guilt will eat you up, if you follow through with what you shared with me.

Revenge can be very consuming. Remember when you were in Junior High School or even in high school, if someone tried stealing your boyfriend or girlfriend away you were livid. You wanted all your friends to know what this person was trying to do you by stealing away the person you were interested in. You schemed, planned on how to get even. You felt better when your friends would stand beside you and help you get the revenge you wanted. They wanted a piece of the action as well.

Looking back, how foolish was that? I mean, revenge over a person that you dated and liked, and you wanted to hurt someone over that? Yet, as adults, many still want to get revenge over failed marriages, bad relationships, bad business deals, gossip, etc. They plan and scheme over how to inflict pain on someone unaware.

I have to say move on, never look back, if you are consumed by revenge, you better look over your priorities, revenge never pays, its something that only robs, and that is your dignity. If you need help in resolving your conflict, contact a Relationship coach who can help you through the process! I can help you with conflict resolution, and put the thought of revenge to rest!

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I am interested in how many of you have planned getting revenge but backed out and why?