How to deal with train wrecks in our lives

I was in my stance as a rookie fullback, when I heard our Quarterback start calling out the cadence, hut..hut hut, hut, the ball was snapped, when I went to my right side to pass block. There was a defensive end, nicknamed “The Train”, a 6’9″ 350 pound ball of energy, and known as one of the dirtiest ball players in pro football. As he raced towards me, I saw his right hand clinched into a fist, as he reach into the air, he was about to give me a head slap. His fist was taped, and I could see grass and blood stains on the dirty white athletic tape coming towards my head. I braced for the hit..and that’s all I can remember…..

When I came to, I was laying face up with the train standing over me, calling me some, well, let’s just say, not nice names, that I can share with you here. A few of my teammates came over and pushed him away, all the while he was pushing back, yelling and shaking his fist at them and me. I slowly got up and went back to the huddle, my teammates were asking me, if I was OK! Still a little wobbly, I said ya.

Then something came over me in the huddle, I said to our QB, “call that same play again.” Dan, looked at me and said “what?” “ that same play again,” I said! He saw it in my eyes, he knew what I was thinking, with a grin on his face, he said “44 T-slant cross buck on 2, for brooks.” we clapped our hands in unison as we broke the huddle and we lined up in our positions, I could hear the train insulting myself and the right side tackle, across the line of scrimmage. Dan called the play, the ball was snapped, he dropped back, and I went to the right side and waited for my meeting with the Train. He rushed hard past the right side tackle, and zeroed in on me. As his arm and fist raised again ready to hit me on the side of my helmet, I got low and waited for the collision. I was a 250 pound rookie fullback, and the train a 350 pound veteran defensive end. Just before he hit me, I shot up into his groin with my full weight through my helmet as hard as I could. I dropped the Train in his tracks. He was screaming in pain, withering on the ground while holding his, know, his groin area. I walked up to him, while he yelled and hollered obscenities about my hit on him. I leaned over with a big smile and said, “hurts don’t it, it sucks to be you,” then I jogged back to the huddle. He was taken out of the game and into the locker room, while we went on to win the game. I got a lot of back slaps after the game, and even a few of his own players were laughing about my hit on the Train as we congratulated each other after the game.

I think that Life has its funny experiences that teach us along the way. That we should be prepared and be ready for the unexpected we face and learn from them. What did I learn from the Train? Well, two important things, the first one is, duck before you get hit and be looking out for those who plan to put you down in life, and the other is have a plan when they do.

Most of us get to see the train when it is coming towards us down the tracks. So, you either get off the tracks, or stare at the headlight, and get mowed down. I would encourage you when you see the train, that you start planning right away and make your move to protect yourself. For example, if you have not been feeling well, go see the doc, call and make an appointment. If your children are having a hard time in school, then help them, sit down and spend some time with them on their school work. This is your responsibility, not the teachers. If you see issues starting with a business partner, then get them resolved immediately, if you don’t, you could have some serious legal problems down the road. When your wife or husband tells you they are not happy in the marriage, you better get into some marriage coaching or counseling right away. I have plenty of clients who wished they would have gotten help sooner in their marriages. Now their divorced and broken hearted. How much warning do you need to deal with the fast approaching trains in your life. I figure, the more time you have and see it coming, the better.

Do you have a game plan set up, just in case you need it? Do you know what to do and who can help you? Or, are you a reactionary and then decide to plan after things happen to you. I don’t think this is a wise thing to do, in fact you have given up all control, after the fact. If you see the problem, and know what’s going to happen, why wait? Do something now. If you need to seek a professional to help you deal with the train wreck, then move on it now and don’t wait!

When you play football or any sport for that matter, you spend countless hours in the gym working out with the weights, or running the plays on the field or on the court, and in the classroom listening to your coach. You study your opponents carefully and where their strengths and weaknesses are. In order for a team to be extremely successful on the field, a great coach helps guide his team, step by step in the learning process. He knows through his years of experience which plays to call, and when to call them. That’s the same way in life, if you have a Life Coach/counselor who knows how to walk you through the process of planning, preparing, and dealing with the issue at hand, then your going to be successful in life, and seldom caught off guard.

Do you have a difficult time in taking control of your life, events control you, you don’t control them? Have you been afraid to plan for a upcoming event, like a divorce, or medical condition? Do you want and need help in planning for a future event that frightens you and you know its going to happen? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you plan on how to deal with the train wrecks that will effect your life. I will help you put a working plan together that helps you deal with a train wreck about to happen.

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