Hey Governor Sanford, was it Worth it?

As the unending saga of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford continues to unspool across the mainstream news media and the web, it can be daunting to try to keep up with the details. He said, she said seems to be the way this is headed. I can tell you that this will get real ugly as soon as details are released. What would posses a well known governor to be so foolish to think he would not be missed at the office, by his family, or the press, just shows you how much a man’s libido will cause him to make some foolish mistakes. I have worked with many men, who have just about destroyed their marriages, lives of their children, law and medical practices, careers and businesses over an affair. Are you headed down this road? Do you want help in solving and saving your neck? This governor has some major damage control to deal with, he will be a lucky man if his wife takes him back. The press can eat you alive along with your enemies (co-workers, ex family members, ex-wifes, ex-friends) I have seen this happen more then I care to talk about. It happens all the time. So, if your tempted to stray, or are searching the Internet, personal want ads, Craig’s list, etc and know that its wrong and you want help in preventing going down that road, let me know. I can keep you out of trouble. Even if you are involved in a relationship that you know is wrong and want to get out of it, I can help salvage your marriage, your career, and your reputation.

That said, here is a guide to the most detailed coverage of the once-rising Republican star’s strange infidelity scandal. Keep in mind, that your libido will get you into serious trouble, if you can’t keep it in check. Case in point, I have seen monster bucks chase does during the day, and will be so focused, will run right by a hunter. Usually whitetail and mule deer, and elk will use all their senses to keep them away from hunters. These animals use their sight, hearing and scents to keep them out of a hunters freezer. But, during the rut, they are stupid, and blind to any serious danger that they normally will be weary of.

The State, Columbia, South Carolina’s daily newspaper, has been at ground zero of the case, indirectly triggering Sanford’s admission Wednesday that he had been having an affair with a woman in Argentina. Some knew of his deep dark hidden secret, Mark Sanford’s wife asked the governor to leave two weeks ago, so she knew. His aids didn’t know, as they told the press and other staffers at the governors office that he took a trip along the Appalachian Trail to unwind and get some much needed time alone to think about his future. His wife had some idea where he was, in fact she asked her husband to stop seeing the other woman. He thought he could get away with his ruse, it didn’t work. Do you honestly think that you can get away with cheating? You will be found out sooner or later. So, get some needed help to keep you out of trouble, so you don’t lose everything!

Prodded by an anonymous tip, a reporter for the newspaper staked out the Atlanta airport Wednesday morning .. and promptly ran into Stanford getting off a flight from Buenos Aires. You cannot keep your hidden secrets from the press, or loved ones, they will find you out. Why so many men and women think they are smarter and witty keeping their secrets is beyond me. Listen to me, please! If you want help now, and want to stop hurting those you love and care about, make a phone call for help. I will walk with you through the process, help you take your life back, and see you through the other side of being happy and alive again. The next step is up to you, I’m sure that you don’t want to be another statistic of divorce or separation like the Governor of South Carolina. So, go ahead and make that call.

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