Go see your Doc, Now!

Well, this is my first article in a few weeks. I had major back surgery 
last week. That operation was something else, and believe me, I am glad that I had it done. I am one for taking care of health problems before they become a serious problem. Back pain can take you out of action real quick and for expended periods of time. How many friends do you personally know had bad hips and backs and you would hear them complain about all their pain?

My hip pain started last year, would ache for several hours, then when I
sat down and rested it would get better over a few hours. This went on for several months. Finally, I had enough of this and went and saw my primary care physician. He referred me to a hip surgeon. After receiving an MRI of the hip, I met with the hip surgeon and he said that, the hip looks fine, I was then referred to another hip surgeon to have a better look at the MRI.

He concluded that the MRI was indeed good, except for a little 
arthritis. I could live with that. So, he ordered an MRI of the low back. The insurance company said, we need 6 weeks of PT before they would approve another MRI on my low back.

Believe it or not the PT made things so bad that I could hardly walk after each PT session. I screamed inside from the pain of each  and every step walking back from PT to my truck. The Physical therapist said, “Mike, no more PT for you!” The insurance company finally agreed for the back MRI.

I went in and had it done on a Tuesday morning. As I was being taken off the MRI table, the tech walked over to me and asked if I was going to see the surgeon right  away that day. I said No, I had no plans to, then she said, are you seeing him  in the afternoon. I said no, I was thinking that I had a hip problem.

She said  “son, you don’t have a hip problem, but a major back
problem, and that I would  get a phone call by the time I get home by a surgeon. She was right on, the call came as I was eating lunch at home. The gal on the phone, said we need you to come in right away. I said OK, when, she said right away.

I was in the next day, the orthopedic surgeon said that my
back  was really damaged, I had a L-3, L-4, crushed nerve and a stress fracture of L-4 and a 8 Cm crushed  nerve. So, we scheduled surgery a few days later and the rest is history.

I am  glad that I had the surgery, its been slow healing, and rehab will
take its  time. I see some great pain relief, and I am looking forward to
that. In a few  months, I will be doing the things I used to do. But, what I have I learned during this time, that would be listen to my body! If its hurting, then we need to get a visit into the doctor.

My point for another Life Coaching article about your health  and getting
things fixed was to look out for each of you. I was at a great  hospital, and the staff was great. If you don’t take of health  issues now, they will get worse, that I can promise you! My tips for this week, if you have something wrong with you, something does not feel right, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!!

The problem will not go away, and probably can be fixed and taken care of pretty easily. Call me and lets talk, lets look at your options, I want to help you through the process, its not scary if all the cards on the table. The unknown is what fears most people with health issues. It scared me, but I knew that I had to have the facts, and what all my options were.

That’s where I can help you. If you need someone who will go the distance with you, talk you through the process, help you understand your options, we should talk. There are great Doc’s out there that can help you and really do care about you. Please call me and we can talk this over. I would be more then happy to sit down with a family setting, or as a group from church. We are all in this together, we are family, call me if you have any questions. United we stand for our health, don’t back away, what you do know may save your life in the future!

Ask yourself these questions:

·  Do I need help in setting my health goals?

·  Do I need to get out bad healthy habits that may hurt me?

·  Am I in trouble with my doctor, because I am not listening to his/her advice?

·  Is my life upside down because I have no means of support from friends and family, all they hear me do is complain about my health?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, you can contact Dr. Mike for help in setting up boundaries for yourself. Get back on the road to recovery!

If you would like some help in setting up boundaries in your life, or if the relationship that you’re in is not going well, you can contact Dr. Mike at 303.456.0555, Life Coaching is done over the phone, so there is no reason to leave your home or office.

How does Life Coaching work? You’ll meet once a week, by phone, for a one-on-one conference, usually 45 minutes a session. In each phone conference you’ll plan and review, together, each of your “Focus Goals” and action areas. In each session, you’ll also receive support and guidance in creating the right attitudes and motivation in the area’s that you want to work on most. In addition to the weekly phone conferences, you’ll also communicate by e-mail, so you’ll have help and support throughout the week.

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