Getting Away From it All (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Getting Away from It All (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks

When you plan this getaway, let your boss know that you will not be available and that your cell phone will be turned off. Put your spouse and family first. This is one of your boundaries for a happy marriage. It seems to me some people have the cell phone glued to their ears, not sure why they do, but remember leaving work at work is your goal and your responsibility to make it happen.

Let me explain the consequences if you don’t make your family a top priority and put your work first. Most likely two things will happen. Your spouse will give you plenty of warning signs that they are not happy and want things to change or you will be told they have had enough and want out of the marriage. Some spouses will go along with it and keep to themselves, but deep inside they are extremely unhappy with you and putting your work ahead of the family.

So, if you want to keep your family intact, and have a happy marriage, avoid putting the job over your family. It will not be of any benefit to you if you do. I titled this article “Getting Away From It All” for a good reason. Be aware of bringing your work home and expecting your spouse to understand if you neglect your family time.

There is a story I heard about that I want to share with you. The scene if you can imagine has a woman sitting on the couch waiting for her husband to come home from work. She was writing a note in a card she bought for her husband to give him for a special dinner date she planned and for a very special occasion. The husband walks through the door while speaking on his cell phone to his boss at work. He hangs up and informs her that they can’t go out for dinner because his boss has more work for him and he has to head back to the office. As he leaves for the office, he gives her a quick kiss and heads out the door. She stares at the card on the table and now is devastated that the dinner will not happen.

A few hours later while he is at the office working his cell phone rings and it is the police informing him that his wife was killed in a traffic accident. He drops his phone and heads out of his office to rush to the hospital.

He returns home after his trip to the hospital. He walks over to the couch and sits down and is beside himself. He sees the card on the coffee table with his name on it and opens it up and starts to read what his wife had written in the card. She had written that she was pregnant with their first child and that she was happy to share the news with her husband.

Can you imagine what this husband was feeling after reading her handwritten card to him? Now he realizes that not only did he lose his wife but their unborn baby as well. This story is to help you see that leaving your work at work is pretty important in growing a healthy relationship with your spouse and kids. There are things much more important than your work. Now the ball is in your court!

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