Getting Away From it All (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Getting Away from It All (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week we will be talking about boundaries and how to use them. See if any of these complaints sound like the ones you have struggled with!

I was looking back and thought that’d I share some of the complaints from clients whose spouse brought home their work, see if any of these resonate with you.

  • Please leave your work at the office; we hardly spend any time together
  • All you do is stay in the office downstairs; you hardly see the kids or me
  • What’s more important, your work that you bring home or the kids and I?
  • We had dinner planned with our friends tonight, are you kidding me that your boss wants you to work from home tonight? This dinner has been planned for over a month.
  • Your children don’t ever get to spend time with you, why? Because you’re always doing your work at home
  • You’re always on the cell phone with your boss when we go out for dinner, can’t you turn that *#%^!! Cell phone off?

For those of you who are married to your job, I want to give you a word of advice. STOP, repeat STOP, stop bringing your work home and start to become the spouse and parent that your family needs you to be.

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