Don’t Allow Fear to Control You! (4)

Don’t Allow Fear to Control You! (4)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, we will continue on how to deal with your fears so you can understand on how to manage them. Fears don’t always have to be hidden and cause embarrassment. Dealing with them will give you freedom.

Learn what causes you to fear, think about this for a moment. I think that this is your first important step in figuring out and identifying what your triggers are.  This first step will be the hardest one for you, but it’s especially important for your healing and overcoming your fears. If it’s stuck in your brain, you can’t move forward and overcome your fears. You must face your fears. So, write down the fears that you deal with on a daily basis and why you are fearful. That will help you take action and put a game plan together!

Think on the positive things in your life, don’t dwell on the negative fearful thoughts that keep you living in fear. Imagine the good things in your Life, when fear creeps in, immediately start looking at the good things going for you. You can control your thoughts in good ways, meaning you can control good and bad thoughts. You can plan your future with good positive thoughts, and a well-thought-out plan will get you there. Good plans help weed out your fears and keep you on track. Fear of the unknown is a big fear, a well-thought-out plan will help keep you stay focused. From personal experience, I know it works.

My next suggestion always works for me, as many of you know that I am an outdoor enthusiast. If I have a lot on my mind, I like to go for a walk and spend time alone. I figure things out by spending time with God. I always have a great conversation with Him. We all have to face our fears. Walking, hiking, riding a bike, whatever helps calm you and gives you time to think and figure out what your next steps will be, is helpful. If you constantly live in Fear, then Fear needs to be high on your priority list so you can deal with it. If you, don’t face your fears, it will consume your thoughts until it either controls your thinking or you control it. Either way, the next move is up to you!

In closing, don’t let fear decide how you live Life each day. Find someone you can talk to and start dealing with all your fears so you can live a happy life. 

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