Charlie Sheen Gone Bad!

Why is it some folks feel entitled to do what ever they want? Let’s face it, most celebrities are decent and caring folks. Sure we all have heard the juicy gossip about several of them. I have a friend who has done some serious acting, he’s my best friend, and down to earth. He’s never been in any trouble and is the salt of the earth!

I get confused when actors start living their acting roles in public and don’t deal with realities. I wonder about Charlie sheen. What do his friends think about him? I can tell you, they will never speak out in public about him, but when they talk to each other face to face, that’s a different story. Many are probably distancing themselves from Charlie, and who can blame them. He’s a cancer to any friendship right now.

His crazy radio interviews, his talking to a group of young college baseball players from UCLA about a grain of Coke, doesn’t he understand that most people find that appalling. I wonder why some of his closest friends have not called him out on his behavior in private. Do those friends who claim to love Charlie have an obligation to confront him when he gets off track? They should, and they better. I will tell you, that my friends have my permission to let me know when I am getting out of line. Why? I trust their judgement in numbers!

I don’t think having money or being famous gives you a right to have a “get out of jail free card” for misbehaving. Money may buy you out of a bad situation, but does it help your reputation if you been wrong? No, it doesn’t. I’m tired of Hollywood trying to pass off it’s bad boys and girls to the general public across America as misguided youths. Where is the accountability partners for these people? Where are their parents in all this? Have we become so calloused to the actions of Hollywood stars that we have had our own personal conscious severed? Its looking that way to me.

I’m sorry, that I cannot feel bad for Charlie Sheen and his actions. When I heard his radio rant, I said to myself, CBS better confront this out of control self righteous star. How long will they allow his ranting to continue. We didn’t have to wait long, CBS canceled production of his hit show ‘Two and a Half Men.’ I thought to myself, bravo for CBS taking him on. Now, let’s see if Charlie continues his rage against Hollywood or backs off his attacks on CBS. I think its time if it hasn’t been done already that his dad Martin Sheen needs to sit down and have a talk with his son. He should point out that he is throwing his life and career away and will be blacklisted by the Hollywood crowd and producers.

Some athletes act the same way, they act is if they are entitled and accepted for the bad behavior exhibited before the world of sports. Sorry, when I work with my professional athletes, they have me as their accountability partner. I hold their feet to the fire. If they screw up, we will be having a meeting, “johnny on the spot.” I keep my clients out of the press and they know that. Charlie seems to fly by the seat of his pants, with no accountability whatsoever. Hollywood where are you???

Think about this, do you respect someone who acts out in public? Charlie has been known for his anger, beating up his girlfriends, drinking problems, has been in court several times, and yet..the public seems to adore him for his lifestyle and his bizarre behavior. I just don’t get it. Charlie seems to be like the weird uncle we all had at one time in our lives. He’s the uncle that you can’t introduce to your friends or take in public because he will embarrass you. What causes Charlie to act out in public, is it his drinking problems, drug issues, or some form of mental illness?

So, how can Charlie Sheen deal with his poor self-image and repair it? First of all, accept and admit that he needs help! Stop blaming others for his actions, take responsibility for them. Deal with your problems in the order of severity. Have trusted friends in your corner, not friends who are afraid of you, but will confront you in love. Give your close friends permission to be brutality honest with you. Keep away from those who have a problem with keeping boundaries with, drinking, drugs, sex and anger issues. Be with people that will make you a better person.

Avoid places that will tempt you to harm yourself. Nightclubs, friends homes that have drug users in them. Known prostitutes, drug dealers, porn users. I say stay away from them all, until you can recognize they are not good people and will not help you in your recovery. Let’s face it, we all make mistakes. Big ones, small ones, but we are not perfect by any means. Can Charlie admit he has problems? I wonder if he can. So, what does Charlie do, he takes pot shots at anyone who disagrees with him.

Charlie’s life really depends on those who can help him through this ordeal. His anger issues, along with his drug and drinking problems are not helping him on the world stage. Many are mocking him, and some late night talk show hosts are making him the butt of their jokes!

Charlie, I hope you can get help, I am here for you if you need a life coach! You need someone who can walk you through the process of getting healthy and back on track. You need someone who can and will hold you accountable for your actions. Life is so much better then where you are at now, that I can promise you.

Do you have a difficult time in controlling your bad habits? Have you lost friendships over your bad habits? Do you want to restore any of those friendships? Do you hurt others with your bad behavior and want to stop them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you plan on how to control these bad habits that have affected your life. I will help you put a working plan together that helps you control bad habits and bad behavior.

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