Are you serious

This is the place to just let your feelings out! Let’s face it, many times we keep things in, for the fear of saying the wrong things. We all have done it, and for those of you who need to share what’s on your heart, I encourage you to do so! So, since I will write one of my rants, join in with your thoughts.

I went to a grand opening this last Saturday, and the store is one that I really enjoyed, all kinds of items that fit my fancy. Guy stiff, chain saws, guns, clothes, boots, fishing gear, etc.

You could sign up to win all kinds of prizes. Entry boxes were set up through-out the entire store. I went to one station, where a heavy set woman, with a young child was parked at one of these stations. She had pen in hand, and a pad of entry forms in her hand filling out the forms. I was stand right next to her looking for a entry form. One young guy, asked her if he could possibly have a single entry form for. In a stern voice, she said “I suppose so” and slowly ripped one entry form and handed to him.

I was ticked, I was tempted to take the pad out of her hand, and pass the forms out to those standing around the table, which were many people. So, here is my question, what would you have done? Would you have left it alone or would you have confronted her? Let me know…