5 Reasons you should walk your way to Health.

Last night I went to a high school basketball game, as I sat and watched people enter the gym, I noticed several overweight and out of shape people walk by me. They didn’t appear to be very old, but they were certainly not taking care of themselves. When working at my clinic, I would encourage just about everyone to walk their way to health. So, here are a few benefits of walking your way to a healthier you!

  • Walking helps you lose weight
  • Walking helps your immune system
  • Walking helps your heart health
  • Walking helps slow down the aging process
  • Walking reduces your cancer risk

Walking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors unless you use a treadmill at home or in a fitness center. When I wanted to lose some weight, I decided to try walking, its low impact, cost effective and fun for the entire group. I lost 50 pounds, felt great and had more energy then I had since playing football. Is there others who would care to share your success story.